Happy New Year!

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To everyone reading this, Happy New Year!

God is so good and I really look forward to 2014.  It's wonderful how 2014 and dream seem to rhyme, thus let me say I hope you reach your ultimate dream in 2014.  You know better than anyone else what you can do.

There have been years when I have stepped out on a whim and lived life on a brim.  There have been years when I stepped out on faith and been led by my ambition.  There have been years when things just kept popping off so grand I didn't know where to make a stand. 

All my life my mere nature has not allowed me to stay around and put up with utter nonsense, especially if I could see no end in site.  If I could see an end in site I would stick things out to the end. 

There have been years when at times the moves I made resulted in me having been my own worst enemy.  Over these past six years it has been rough.  I didn't realize how rough until 2014 ushered in and I can say it is going to be a new day literally and figuratively.  2014 will be for me the year of release.

Family is so important to me.  Especially my three children, I love them to pieces.  Yes, they are all adults, thank heaven, with the youngest being 27.  The way things are transpiring it seems like all the pieces will finally come together.  I have some big plans for 2014 and will have to be on top of my game to achieve the success and fame I look forward to receiving.  I will be writing a book.  The topic of it will be something I hope will be new and refreshing to the book circuit.  I will be working on the cover first.  It is going to be one of the most captivating and beautiful book covers ever.  It won't be a book bashing men because the men who molded me were great upon measure.  It won't be a book about business.  My first book debut will be a book about what lead me to be the "crazy" person my kids claim I am.  I truly believe all our experiences in our past seasons prepares and equips us with the knowledge, skills, tools, and abilities we need to not only survive but also thrive in future seasons if we get it right.

Thanks to my eldest two granddaughters, I asked them if they could pick a profession for me based on what they know about me what would it be and they unanimously replied immediately without much thought "a writer".  So, out of the mouth of babes there will become volumes with Grandma as a writer. 

Have a wonderful and blessed 2014.  Again, may 2014 be the year you attain your ultimate dream.  God bless!  

Love Lynne

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